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I just got a $50 Google-Play Card.

Well, I just got a $50 Google play card for my android tablet… Aaaand I have no idea whatsoever to get. Any suggestions for games, apps or music would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!

from draco99


What do when you’re bored…


I have been bored, so I conjured a piece of…. Artwork?
I dunno, as I said I was awfully bored.

I was looking through apps on my tablet, then I decided to play some games…



I don’t really game that much, I do download… A lot though =)

from draco99

What do we benefit from games?

Last night, I was playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, I am not a big gamer and you could say this was a ‘one of thing.’ So, as I ride Shadowmere (my awesome horse) through the outskirts of Whitrerun, I think to myself, what is it we benefit from gaming? The question has strikes me a few times in their past but I have never really fully pondered on the question.

Yes, when we game, we do get self-satisfaction and is a great way to take your mind off things or do something on a rainy day. But, what kind of benefits do you get from a game, other than satisfaction or fun.
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