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Maxwell took a sharp breath as he jumped off the cliff, he heard the wind whizz past and soon took impact with the river below. A sharp pain was sent up his side as he struggled for the surface, eager for air. He finally emerged, gasping reluctantly and paddled sideways. He stopped until he felt land, gripping strands of grass and hauling himself out of the freezing water.

He could hear curses being shouted from the top of the cliff. He laughed to himself, he was free at last. Maxwell wrung his clothes, hearing the soft patter of water.

A whisper.

Maxwell paused, hearing another whisper. And another. Three people, he assumed. He heard the sheathing of swords and the growls of grown men. ‘Well…’ He whispered, taking small,but heavy, circular objects from a satchel, ‘this won’t be too hard…’

((The character in this short story is from a great person known as Shibe, a member on my website, RPG lounge. Shibe created Maxwell and I would like to thank him for making such an awesome character. 😀 ))

from draco99

Fading memories

Metal against metal, the swords clash, red sparks flying into this crimson colored sky. A grunt escapes Dakarr’s dry mouth as he charges at his opponent, fists clenched tightly around his weapon. His sword passes through the skeleton and is then yanked out, bones clattering to this blood splattered ground.

‘Thank god…’ Dakarr grumbles, sheathing the sword and stepping over the mess of bones. Placing a hand to a wound on his chest, he stumbles through the quiet battlefield. In the horizon he saw something flicker, at first he thought it was the sun… But no, it was fire, fire coming from a dragon.

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When Darkness Beckons – Chapter #1

I decided I would start writing a story, and every couple of days or weeks, I will publish a chapter. I am going to try and challenge myself and in the end, have a short novel. To do this, I need all the support I can get, please feel free too reblog these posts, like them or make a comment.
Please remember, I am only 13, I am a beginer, please do not expect this to be top quality but more of a kid trying reach a goal.
Thanks guys and please enjoy! =)

(DISCLAIMER – Most names, locations and such in this story have been created by the members of my site, RPG lounge)


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High fantasy images, lovely….

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