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When Darkness Beckons


Hey guys, I think I am going to delay the darkness beckons series, I am sorry. Soon, school will be starting again for me (urgh…) and I don’t think too many people are interested at the moment, so if you have any suggestions, please say so in the comments or you can email me @

Also, if you have any suggestions for the next chapter, please share! I need as much support I can get for this to work successfully and not to be a waste of time for me.

Thanks guys, well, that’s if anyone is reading this -.-

from draco99


When Darkness Beckons – Chapter #1

I decided I would start writing a story, and every couple of days or weeks, I will publish a chapter. I am going to try and challenge myself and in the end, have a short novel. To do this, I need all the support I can get, please feel free too reblog these posts, like them or make a comment.
Please remember, I am only 13, I am a beginer, please do not expect this to be top quality but more of a kid trying reach a goal.
Thanks guys and please enjoy! =)

(DISCLAIMER – Most names, locations and such in this story have been created by the members of my site, RPG lounge)


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