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Un-life sucks

Watch “PSY – GENTLEMAN M/V” on YouTube

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween guys, hope you all have a spooky month!

Also, on my forum – RPG lounge, we have gone spooky, check it out!


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Watch “Block Story Trailer” on YouTube


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Forum Coin is an online community where you earn Forum Coin for making posts and for referring other members. You can use that Forum Coin as a virtual currency to buy and sell goods and services and to exchange for traditional, real world currencies.

Feel free to join here or you can view more about the site by clicking HERE!

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I just got a $50 Google-Play Card.

Well, I just got a $50 Google play card for my android tablet… Aaaand I have no idea whatsoever to get. Any suggestions for games, apps or music would be appreciated.

Thanks guys!

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Happy Purple Pods – Amazing Pictures Flowers by Michael Taggart Photography

Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography

Happy Purple Pods - Flowers - Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography

This little guy had such a happy purple look stretching up to the sky!Hope you are happy too : )

ps – if you look close – someone is making a cameo….

Prints and downloads on my website – Amazing Pictures by Michael Taggart Photography

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Dundundun starwars


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This… Is me


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