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Maxwell took a sharp breath as he jumped off the cliff, he heard the wind whizz past and soon took impact with the river below. A sharp pain was sent up his side as he struggled for the surface, eager for air. He finally emerged, gasping reluctantly and paddled sideways. He stopped until he felt land, gripping strands of grass and hauling himself out of the freezing water.

He could hear curses being shouted from the top of the cliff. He laughed to himself, he was free at last. Maxwell wrung his clothes, hearing the soft patter of water.

A whisper.

Maxwell paused, hearing another whisper. And another. Three people, he assumed. He heard the sheathing of swords and the growls of grown men. ‘Well…’ He whispered, taking small,but heavy, circular objects from a satchel, ‘this won’t be too hard…’

((The character in this short story is from a great person known as Shibe, a member on my website, RPG lounge. Shibe created Maxwell and I would like to thank him for making such an awesome character. 😀 ))

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My blog has been announced on my website!

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SKYRIM RP – The Dark Brotherhood


The latest fantasy roleplay on RPG lounge made by… Err… Me.

The first post in the roleplay –

” Ravel perched himself on a mould encrusted rock, below a little crevice which spwewed out small flecks of snow. The wind whipped at his face and he pulled up his collar and an attempt to ward off the cold. He couldn’t be bothered moving and couldn’t be bothered worrying about the freezing temperature.
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RPG lounge – Pirates of Zarpi


Pirates of Zarpi is the featured roleplay on RPG lounge.
Congrats JustTopaz for making such a simple, yet captivating and fun rp.

You can join in on the fun by following this link Pirates of Zarpi

Thanks guys, =)
Draco99 (admin at RPG lounge)


Hi there!

Hey there people that are viewing this post.
I am draco99, a 13 year old game developer, web developer and a wannabe author.
I love meeting new people and doing new things!

See you guys around =)