Skeuomorphic. Skewed Logic?

Neon Animal Stash

Nostalgia, sentimentality, kitsch. All words pointed at skeuomorphic design with a tangibly derogatory edge.

Just to clarify, skeuomorphs are objects or designs that maintain previously essential features as ornamentation. Wikipedia has a fantastically detailed page, give it a look over.

My favourite examples are intimately tied to our deepest assumptions of these modern-day products despite the redundancy of many of their features. For example, the rivets in your 21st Century stitched jeans, the woodgrain on plastic laminate flooring and the faux pagination of digital calendars that Clive Thompson excellently rips apart over at Wired.

Commentators on the Tech and Design industries are becoming increasingly wary, even exhausted by the proliferation of this philosophy. But what if – all this stuff (there really is no better word), is actually good?

The movement to full touchscreen devices, especially tablets and smartphones, has put interface designers in new territory – one that is…

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