You look out, at the reflection of yourself in the pond, your face hidden by a large leaf. You can’t stand yourself, you can’t stand the way you look, the way you feel, the way you move. You take a step closer to the water, blinking away tears that blurred your vision.

People thought you were weak, incapable, unworthy. Today you could prove them all wrong, make them feel terrible.

Another step brings you to the muddy rim of the pond, your bare feet squelching. Normally, you would wear shoes, except today you didn’t have a care in the world. Around your neck is a necklace, dangling from it, a silver cross. You touch the metal with a hand, even more sadness seeping into your body.

You take another step, water now laps at your feet. You treasure the moment, digging your toes into the mud and smiling — which was more of a grimace. The wind howls and screams, telling you to get away, go somewhere safe.

The last step brings you deep into the murky water, you realize how cold the water is, but you don’t worry. You let go of the cross and take the necklace off, laying it on the land neatly before falling into the pond. You go deep into the water, you urge to surface and breath, but you hold yourself down. Your throat throbs with pain and you open your mouth, water gushing in. You choke, bubbles escaping from your nose.

You want to scream and cry, you want to come to the surface — you don’t want to die. You try swimming, but you can’t move your arms, you try kicking, but your legs go numb. You gasp as your eyes close and your body drifts away.

from draco99


About draco099

Hey, I am Jamie! I love reading, writing, web designing and game designing =) I currently own a blog all about creativity so feel free to check it out!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    I appreciate you being genuine

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    Hope to see you there!


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