When Darkness Beckons – Chapter #1

I decided I would start writing a story, and every couple of days or weeks, I will publish a chapter. I am going to try and challenge myself and in the end, have a short novel. To do this, I need all the support I can get, please feel free too reblog these posts, like them or make a comment.
Please remember, I am only 13, I am a beginer, please do not expect this to be top quality but more of a kid trying reach a goal.
Thanks guys and please enjoy! =)

(DISCLAIMER – Most names, locations and such in this story have been created by the members of my site, RPG lounge)


Marluxia put a cold hand to her chest, looking down at the chipped away grave which stood before her amidst hundreds of others. A deep fog shrouded the cemetery, only giving her enough visibility to see the name carved on the stone. She held back the urge to drop to her knees and cry, the urge to murder the one that destroyed her family, the urge to run away and never stop.

She bit her lip, before turning and walking away from the stone and into the fog. Gravel crunched beneath Marluxia’s feet and the wind whistled, playing with her long, black hair.

A snap of a twig.

Marluixia paused, slowly gripping the hilt of her sword, being reassured by the metal. ‘Going somewhere?’ An imposing voice said from behind. Hot breath reached her neck and the smell of beer reached her nose. She knew who it was.

Marluxia sighed, not bothering to look around at the man packed with muscle, ‘hello… Gandal.’ She pronounced the name bitterly.

Gandal smiled, stepping forward so he was beside Marluxia in the thick fog, ‘checking on your parents, I see?’ She hated his voice and the way he spoke, another sigh escaped her fragile lips.

‘Yes,’ she stretched the word out irritably. ‘I was hoping to be alone.’ Marluxia kept her palm on her weapon and resumed walking, Gandal… Following. She thought she heard him laugh. She hated the man.

‘Something wrong, Marluxia?’ He said in a humorous voice. He put a hand behind his back, smirking, quickening his stride so he was closer to the woman.

‘What do you want?’ She replied, stopping at as small lake, covered in a blanket of smoke.

‘To talk, of course!’ The second he finished talking he unsheathed a long crimson sword, gripping it with both hands, ‘Talking is social thing, right?’ Marluxia unsheathed her own sword, hoping she would slice the man in two. Her sword had a blue tinge to it and tiny emeralds encrusted into the hilt.

‘Come to kill me, eh?’ She said sarcastically, pouncing at Gandal. He blocked, striking back with a powering swing. She stumbled before splaying her hand, water rippling from her skin and firing at the man in the left leg. He groaned, rolled, then cut at Marluxia’s leg, a blue liquid splashing from the wound.

She cried out a strong of curses, blocking Gandal’s rapid attacks. ‘You’re making things hard for yourself.’ The man said, ‘just surrender!’

‘To someone like you?’ She laughed, blasting Gandal again with the water, this time catching him in the shoulder, putting him to the ground. Marluxia ran over, putting the sword to his throat.

‘You got me.’ He said, the smile of his growing, his eyes flashed and the ground exploded, sending the woman into the lake. He stumbled to his feet, Marluxia sinking under lake water until she was no more. ‘My work here… Is done.’ And with that, he sheathed his sword and left.

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Hey, I am Jamie! I love reading, writing, web designing and game designing =) I currently own a blog all about creativity so feel free to check it out!

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