What do we benefit from games?

Last night, I was playing Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, I am not a big gamer and you could say this was a ‘one of thing.’ So, as I ride Shadowmere (my awesome horse) through the outskirts of Whitrerun, I think to myself, what is it we benefit from gaming? The question has strikes me a few times in their past but I have never really fully pondered on the question.

Yes, when we game, we do get self-satisfaction and is a great way to take your mind off things or do something on a rainy day. But, what kind of benefits do you get from a game, other than satisfaction or fun.

Some games, that you… Kind of benefit from are like Just Dance or Wii sports which give you a fitness advantage. But games, like Skyrim, I benefit nothing, practically a waste of time. Later, the game will be sold or may break or such, then that’s it… But, if you do something else, like go for a jog, go for a swim or even go outside are things you benefit from and activities that you can enjoy for nearly your whole life.

My point is, there are better, more enjoyable and beneficial activities then being huddled on a seat, watching a tv, that makes your eyes hurt. 😛 I am not saying you shouldn’t game, just maybe try doing other activities.

I think I have raved long enough and shown everyone how… Annoying my blog posts can be. =)
Well, I might go for a walk or something now, I can leave Shadowmere and Whiterun alone for a while and enjoy life while I am ‘young.’

from draco99


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Hey, I am Jamie! I love reading, writing, web designing and game designing =) I currently own a blog all about creativity so feel free to check it out!

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